Chris Neal

Producer / Designer
Evansville, IN
(812) 483-9410

I’ve been creating since ‘90. I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and am continually trying to learn and grow.

The things I’m currently learning about include cooking, scoring films and writing CSS.

When it comes to design and film; I believe they are only the tip of the iceberg.

Do iceberg tips look cool - Heck yes.
Do they tear down ships? No.

Film and design need depth - that’s where I come in.

I partner with individuals and organizations to find deep problems and provide deep solutions. I desire to create film and design that expresses the depth of the individual/organization that truly has the power and mass to sink ships (in a good way).


-Adobe Premiere
-Adobe After Effects
-Final Cut Pro X
-Adobe Audition / Logic

-Adobe InDesign
-Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
-Front-End Development


May, 2013 - Present       —     
Fathead Media, Producer / Editor

August, 2011 - Present   —, Freelance

May, 2010 - Present       —     
YoungLife, Volunteer Leader


University of Southern Indiana
Bachelor of Science
Marketing Major
August, 2011 - August 2013