Called Higher

A video to challenge the norm and call people past themselves.



Pre-production on the piece.

The pre-production on this film was quick and clean. Tons of inspiration was from Salomon Ligthelm ( From the dark grading to the book throw- I don’t claim it to be too original. Here are some reference images I collected pre-shooting.

I had been scouting some cool locations and wanted to create something.

Shooting at golden hour.

I grabbed my friend Luke and we shot everything in one evening. I set my hacked GH2 to 720p at 60 fps so I could slow things down and post.

We started at golden hour and shot all the outside shots in a few hours. I bought him some pizza and we ate dinner (if you can pay your actors in pizza; do it!). Next we setup an “office” in my living room. I grabbed a bunch of magazine clippings and old school work and hung the items up behind Luke.

Lighting the indoor scene.

I setup a tiny flolight as a key. Then I put another flow light behind him to help light the wall. The glidecam was extremely helpful here. It allowed me to move and grab multiple shots quickly. I tried to get as many close pickup shots as I could of his hands and face.

Writing a raw score.

I wanted the film to feel very gritty and I tried to communicate that through my score. I started with sound design. I wanted to create the “atmosphere” of the piece before adding melody to it. Then I tracked some guitar (I was listening to a lot of Explosions in the Sky). I kept the riffs extremely simple and tried to layer as much as I could.

Grading for grit.

I graded the clips heavily and kept things very dark and desaturated. I pushed a lot of the shadows and mids green.

Matching the Voice Over.

Lastly, I wrote and recorded myself doing the voiceover. After completing a final draft I tried to keep the VO gritty to match everything else. I then compressed my voice down and even deepened it a bit in post to give it a bit more crunch.

Tools: GH2, Glidecam HD1000, Premiere, After Effects