Evansville Icemen

I shot a promotional video for the Evansville Icemen with the Sony FS700 – and sick slomotion.



Through Fathead media I received an opportunity to shoot the Icemen. I shot the entire video in a few hours during one of their practices. Everything was shot behind the glass with a zoom 100-400mm lens.

First time Slomo shooter.

This was my first major use of the FS700′s slomotion capabilities. The Evansville Icemen were a perfect subject to test it out on. I began shooting wide shots trying to capture actions (skating, hitting, shooting). I set the camera to an end trigger which allowed me to hit the record button after I saw something cool – versus trying to predict the future.

Tighter shots were key.

Next I started shooting tighter shots. I tried to get skates, faces and the puck. The most difficult part here was keeping things in focus. I didn’t have any control over the players so I just captured as much footage as I could shoot.

Ramping into post-production.

I started editing only the best clips out of the footage I shot. Once I cut all the fat I started speed ramping in Adobe Premiere. I figured out the coolest speed ramps are done on actions versus randomly. You need a reason to speed ramp, or the shot is boring.

For the title I put together a quick comp in After Effects and keyframed some glow effects on the Evansville Icemen logo.

Sound design for the win.

The last and most important part of the video was sound design. I found puck and hockey sounds from free sound libraries online. We also recorded some foley on a Tascam. The sound design makes slomotion come alive. I also added quite a bit of reverb and delay on our foley during the slowed down bits. This tended to add the emotion overall.

Tools: Sony FS700, Logic, Adobe Premiere & After Effects