Fathead Media

Designed Fathead Media’s new fully-responsive website to showcase the company and the quality work they produce.


Think through design.

I sat down with Fathead and discussed the primary objectives of the website. Their previous website was not mobile friendly which was a huge issue. Also the site lacked current design trends. The website of a company that “makes websites” should be up to current design standards.

We decided single page was the way to go.

After meeting with the Fathead team, we decided the best route to take would be a fully-responsive single page site. We wanted to communicate the type of work and services offered with a preview into the quality of work.

We chose to highlight the two main services.

We started by communicating the main two services offered by Fathead Media: Websites and Video. To showcase web I designed a simple portfolio style section. To communicate Video quickly we posted Fathead’s Reel and links to equipment and more videos. Next we showcased the other smaller services such as Copywriting and Email Marketing.

Quick communication through iconography.

I designed custom icons for these six other creative services. First, we chose are 6 best services to highlight. Next, I brainstormed visually how to best communicate the services. I started collecting reference icons and images that portrayed the services in unique ways. I designed the six icons in Illustrator.

fathead media icons

Junior Copywriting for the win.

I also wrote all the copy on the site to communicate the business through words and describing the services they provide.

Keep it social friends.

Lastly I redesigned their social media pages to communicate the rebrand design that was done on the website and the web copy (shown below).

Bringing it to the world.

The entire rebrand was revealed at a Chamber of Commerce event where we launched the site. I spoke about Fathead’s services and we presented in front of a room full of hundreds of professionals.


Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign