Designed and created the User Experience for an Anchor Industries product site.


Websites need objectives.

Anchor industries needed was having trouble with their current Funbrella website. It was outdated, had old information and worst of all had too much information. The website was a waste of hosting for them.


-To much information.
-No call to action.


-provide a website that communicates the
basic products in a neat/simple manner.
-provide a simple call to action.

Objective based design always wins.

I worked with the programmer to create a user experience that is simple and to the point. We wanted to communicate a lot of the information through the visuals. We decided on a responsive one page design that presented a clear call to action at the end.

Make the site flow.

We started the site with a large header image to show the primary use for Anchor’s funbrellas. Next we communicated the possible uses of the product. We proceed to present the three kinds of models for users to click and interact with. We allow users to select and view any color / model combination they desire. This is similar to a clothing website. We wanted to offer the visuals right up front for the possible customer. Next we present reputation recommendations to clear up any concerns the consumer may have and build credibility. Lastly we present a call to action.


Roles: design & user experience.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Sticky Notes