Identified a problem, created a concept solution – created a fully-responsive website to communicate the solution.


First step: a problem.

I sat down one day and tried an exercise. I wrote out all the problems and annoyances I could think of that people deal with. One of the problems on the list was digital distraction. After showing my brother the list of problems I listed out- we both wanted to try and solve this one. That’s just what we did.

Naming the solution.

To communicate the app we came up with the name Holiday. It literally means “Holy Day.” This means a day that is set apart. We thought the name was perfect- so we began creating a brand around the name.

I was in charge of all the branding and design. I chose the palette to communicate a typical nautical / day at the beach – using blue and red to draw the eye. The logo was created to communicate a boxed in version of the sea. This communicates a small vacation on your phone, from your phone.

I created a fully-responsive site to present four basic parts of the idea. The Problem, the solution – why, how & what. I then created animated SVG icons to represent each idea.

Here are a few.


The looks and functions great on both mobile and desktop. It clearly communicates the information while calling the user to action.


Roles: branding, design, concept and coding.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Filezilla, Sublime Text 2.0.