Journey Life Coaching

I created a client testimonial to handle some of the misconceptions about life coaching.



I worked with Heath Farmer of Journey Life Coaching to create a testimonial video for his company. I lit, shot, directed and post-produced the video.

The main objective was to answer common questions and objections for life coaching. The way we did this was by providing real answers from real clients of Heath.

We wanted to keep the interviews simple yet stylish on a white wall. We wanted to communicate by fun and energy through the interviews.

To start I created a soft large key light by bouncing Dayflo 1k off a reflector. I then used a 3k to light the backwall.

I worked closely with Heath and his marketing manager on the content edit. We finally cut hours of footage down to 3 minutes.

Tools: Sony FS700, Canon 7D, Adobe Premiere & After Effects