Worked closely with Louisville Young Life to create an annual banquet video to honor both the past and present ministry.



I was approached by Louisville Young Life to create a video for their annual banquet. I worked alongside the Area Director Seth Michel’s in coming up with the concept of “Remembering the past to impact the future.”

Coordination is key.

I traveled to Louisville, KY for a two day shoot. I coordinated with Seth to capture as much footage of as I could during the two days I was there.

We started with the main interview with the couple that started Young Life in Louisville.

I shot the interview on my GH2 and used natural light (to make the couple feel comfortable).

Capturing b-roll.

After shooting the interview we drove around Louisville and captured b-roll of the city and high schools in the area. The next day I began organizing the footage captured. I also met up with three leaders to shoot b-roll of them attending a high school soccer game.

Lastly, I shot b-roll of one of Young Life’s campaigner meetings. I used my glide cam for quickness. I also used a Phillip Bloom pocket dolly for more cinematic shots.

Starting the edit.

I began by editing the interview of the couple down to 3 minutes. Then I chopped through my broll and began adding clips where they made sense.

Final delivery.

The video was delivered on schedule and was shown at their annual banquet in front of hundreds of adults. The video received excellent feedback from the entire area and the Young Life community at large.

Tools: Panasonic GH2, Adobe Premiere & After Effects