Motion Demo Reel 2014.

A collection of my motion graphic work over the past year including typography and some 3D elements.



This is my Motion Demo Reel for 2014. It is a compilation of some of my motion work over the past year. It includes both personal and professional segments.I was first introduced to Motion Graphics four years ago. I stumbled across Andrew Kramer’s Video co-pilot site. I had a basic grasp on After Effects before purchasing my first camera.

My motion toolbelt.

All the clips shown above I created in After Effects. Other tools I use include Photoshop and Illustrator for titles / illustrations. I also use a variety of After Effects plugins including lots of Red Giant software.

Sound brings us together.

Another aspect of Motion Graphics I love is Sound Design. I use a few audio programs in my workflow. For scoring and recording foley I will use Logic. I’ll also complete a base edit in Logic. Then I’ll typically master audio inside Adobe Audition. Motion is nothing without sound. The two should mold together and compliment each other to engage the audience both deeper into the experience.

My demo reel inspiration.

I tend to have a darker style when it comes to Film. I think it also comes out in my Motion work. I love “glitch” stylized work – as seen in some of my clips above.

My style has been formed by studying the artists and graphics I love. Here is a list of some of the sites I stay up to date with:

Art of the Title


The type of motion work shown above ranges from a rapper’s performance background to non-profit promotional videos.

Why I love motion.

I love the quickness and efficiency of motion graphics in terms of communication. What could take 5 minutes to explain can be clearly communicated via sound, graphics and text in 15 seconds.

The quality and efficiency of communication will be even more useful in the coming years.

Tools: GH2, Premiere, After Effects, Logic (sound design), Photoshop & Illustrator (Some Title Elements)