Newburgh Young Life.

A fully responsive mobile website I built for Newburgh Young Life to help them clearly communicate their core values and their events.


Websites need objectives.

I sat down with Newburgh Young Life staff and together we talked through current pain points of their organization. We came to the conclusion that consistent communication was a huge struggle for them. Another issue was a place to gather all the information that was out there about the ministry. Newburgh Young Life has a ton of different social accounts, but no center hub.


-Communication (Information, Personal)


-provide a website that communicates the information level (times, dates, events).
-provide a blog that communicates the personal level (who are we, our goals, our vision).

Objective based design always wins.

Newburgh Young Life iPhone

I began designing a fully-responsive site with clear communication in mind. I linked all the social media platforms to the site to bring them all under one roof. I also made event times/places a huge priority. I came up with a colorful design and was set on using the type Proxima Nova Soft. The font communicates fun with it’s rounded edges, but still looks slick and readable.

While designing the site I took all the header and staff images. I coordinated at events to get natural looking pictures. I took the images on a Canon T3i and did most of the editing in Lightroom.

Code for the client.

We decided on using WordPress as a CMS. This let the staff post blogs and keep the site updated. I created a child-theme and coded the site. I utilized WP plugins where necessary.

Looks are great, but strategy is everything.

Finally I created a blogging strategy for them to continue communication. The strategy layout was to produce continuous content without pulling out hair. The idea was to post a leader spotlight and committee spotlight every other week. This would provide more in-depth bios for the organizations volunteers and staff.


Roles: design, coding, copywriting, photography and strategy.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Filezilla, Canon T3i, Lightroom, & Sublime Text 2.0.