Reflecting on living in the present moment.


This project was a walk in the park.

Quiet literally actually. I grabbed my sister over a break and we went out to shoot some stuff. I asked her what she’d been learning lately and I just rolled with it.

Light is key.

We shot everything at golden hour – there really is something magical about the soft light around 7:00pm. Some of the shots were a little dark for my taste, but overall the quality I’m happy with.

When composing shots I aim to create contrast with the soft light I have, this can be done by using the Sun as a backlight or as the main key. For the most part I tried to keep my subject between the camera and the sun.

Simplify shooting.

I shot everything on my GH2 Sigma 30mm combo. I mount this onto a glidecam hd-100 and roll with it. I also slammed a tascam recorder in my pocket with headphones. I ran everything for the shoot. I clipped a lav on her scarf and we just walked and talked.

Score and Sound.

I wrote the score in Logic. After a few hours I had a base idea of the sound. After it’s all said and done, I wish I would have made it less intense – but since it is a personal project I just stuck with it.

Tools: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Logic