Sunshine Juice Co.

Created a kickstarter video that raised $20,000 to help Sunshine Juice Co. get off the ground.


The Sunshine Juice Co. gals started from scratch.

The ladies from Sunshine Juice Co. decided they wanted to expand their company in May, 2014. They wanted to start bottling their juice and selling it in stores. The problem was they needed a new expensive juicer to bottle their delicious juice. They decided to use kickstarter to raise they capital and they came to me for help.

The goal was simple: raise $15,000 dollars to launch their juice stand into a legitimate juice business.

Kickstarter is about quality for the quantity.

They knew they needed a shareable video to clearly communicate their vision. Kenneth Spond was in charge of the branding – we worked together on art direction for the video.

We decided on a “homegrown” felt video that was interview covered with b-roll of the girls doing their thing.

With the help of Sean Little, Erin’s husband – we captured an interview of the lady’s talking about their goals and dreams.

The interview was also essential in communicating the process and benefits of cold-press juicing. Combing dreams, goals and logistics into a three minute video is a tough task. After trimming the fat in editing, the interview came out clear and concise.

Sunshine Juice Co.

Equipment was light and efficient.

I shot the main angle of the interview with a Sigma 30mm on the Sony FS700. I shot the close up angle with a Nikkor 105mm on a hacked Panasonic Gh2.

I shot the majority of the b-roll with a Gh2 mounted on a Glidecam HD-1000. This allowed me to get a variety shots at a quick pace.

Lighting was all-natural.

The room of the interview had nice large windows so I used natural light to my advantage to continue the “homegrown” feel. I adjusted the furniture to use one of the windows as a large key light coming and another window as a nice backlight.

Audio needed to feel homegrown.

To keep the “homegrown” feel going we used Megean’s husband Eric Delong to record a simple acoustic guitar score. I recorded the guitar on a simple USB Blue Yeti microphone and tweaked the EQ a bit in post.

Color tied the feel together.

I tried to create a “homegrown” feel with the color. I went through and corrected clips first and then went for a slight vintage feel. To do this I pushed shadows slightly green and raised them. I also pushed highlights yellow and lowered them to create a low contrast vibe.

The results speak for themselves.

The kickstarter campaign was a huge success. They raised well above their goal and made over $20,000 (counting post-kickstarter donations).

Tools: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Logic